Each organisation owns a tremendous amount of data that in total describes it´s whole business logic and, if well structured can be used to create powerfull tools.  Unfortunately in most cases this data is just an unorganized collection and thus cannot unfold it´s full potential.

  1. As a first step, an organisation’s data, it´s use and the organisations processes need to be analysed.
  2. In a second step a strategy for the optimum use of the data is developed in this connection suitable methodologies are also designed. Step 2 takes place in close cooperation with the client by providing expert consultancy on or off site.
  3. In step 3 we support the client in the implementation of the strategy of step 2. Again this service can be provided both on and off site. Please contact us if you would like a corresponding offer.


For developments aiming to use univedo as a basis for sharing information with other applications, we offer assistence during the delevopment process. Depending on the complexity of the application this service can be made available on site or remotely.

consultancy is individual